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What we offer

We offer housing solutions for the public and private sectors. Our homes can be hired to site for temporary housing solutions or built for sale to permanent sites.


Eco Modular Living's construction methodology can be upto 50% faster than traditional construction methods, with delivery to you in as little as 6 to 8 weeks dependant on design.


Our building methods can provide NHBC warranties for all our homes ensuring criteria is met for Insurance and Mortgages.

Flexible Affordable Housing

Eco Modular Living is fanatical about the spaces we spend our lives in. Whether it is a home for the key worker, social housing, rental relief solutions or private housing, Eco Modular Living are the living space designers with a conscience who are passionate about getting it right for you, your budget and the environment.

With over 150 years of management experience in the construction industry, Eco Modular Living creates stylish affordable housing to meet whatever criteria the end user needs. Our building system can meet NHBC, Code 4/5, DDA and Decent Homes criteria. With our flexible building methodology the internal specification can be specific to your needs to create, robust, affordable and durable structures with the balance of providing harmonious homes. With our controlled building environments we can work to budget and timescale targets to meet your project objectives.

If you can't buy then why not hire your housing stock?

In the public and private sectors it is common for Schools, Universities, and Business expansion projects to look to hire buildings anywhere from 5 to 15 years. All buildings would meet the required regulations and be delivered to site on a long term hire. At the end of the hire contract the client would have two options. To either buy the building or take advantage of the buy back option from the supplier and have the building removed. This building would then be refurbished and sent to another site and so on. This happens all the time for classrooms, training rooms, worker accommodation, offices, and many more. This can also happen with Housing.

Homes that meet all regulations specific to the client requirements can be placed on site and used for temporary housing with a view to either removing it or buying it for ongoing projects at the end of the hire term.The homes can meet permanent housing specifications including NHBC (site dependant) but still be hired for temporary use.

Private, Social, Key worker Housing for Sale or Hire...

With the various Government initiatives for decent homes and balancing the needs of the tenants, this solution could assist you meet those targets with less of the headache. We have thousands of students, children and workers currently in our buildings all over the UK. All their needs being met by a temporary solution using modular buildings.

The living space designers with an eco conscience...

Eco Modular Living pride themselves on having an eco conscience. Our team can work with you to ensure the sustainable credentials you require are inherent to the construction and delivery of your new home. Here are some of the solutions we can provide, LED Lighting, Green Roofing, Rainwater Harvesting and Waste management systems. There are more renewables on energy production including solar thermal panels, Photovoltaics and Ground Source Heat Pumps.

the design and development of our homes are undertaken in a holistic manner, which is essential when considering low, zero and negative carbon targets.

Our bespoke service allows you to decide your own configuration and eco credentials.

We tick all the right boxes...

Speed – Delivered in 6-8 weeks and installed within 48 hours.

Credentials – NHBC Warranties, Insurable & Mortgageable.

Cheaper – from 25% cheaper in controlled manufacturing environments.

Assurance – Experienced Management Team in partnership with blue-chip partners.

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Eco Modular Living is part of the Catfoss Group of Companies. We have extensive manufacturing and production facilities which are capable of large roll outs. Visit the group to find out more.

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