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Eco Modular Living and their partners have the manufacturing ability to design, build and erect multi floor hotels ranging from budget hotel specifications right through to 5 star hotel standards. Our robust building method allows us to build multi-storey options to suit your specifications.


Using a volumetric and modular building system, we can produce a room-corridor-room configuration and can include Common Rooms. Kitchens and communal facilities with protection against which results in speed on site thus reducing transport and erection costs. The cost benefits are realised because building off-site controls cost.


The building method can reduce construction time to up to 40% over conventional methods. We achieve consistency of quality through our commitment to 'vertically integrated' supply chain and partnerships. Bringing the client benefits of reliable product supply as well as service and procurement efficiencies.

Quality interiors designed & implemented...

Modular Building Systems are now at the forefront of hotel business development strategies. Hotel rooms can also be fully fitted out a the factory right down to carpets, curtains and furniture.

Innovative Off-site solutions...

Our building system is a light gauge steel, volumetric, modular method of construction. Modules can be any shape or size that is transportable and can be used in a variety of configurations to produce permanent solutions. Our method brings advantages to your project, including better thermal performance and lower energy use, great sound insulation, less waste during construction and environmentally friendly form of construction with a high level of recyclability.

We tick all the right boxes...

Speed – Faster than traditional build methods.

Credentials – BRE certification for single storey and high-rise buildings.

Fixed Price – Our controlled build environments means no moving costs.

Assurance – Experienced Management Team in partnership with blue-chip partners.

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Eco Modular Living is part of the Catfoss Group of Companies. We have extensive manufacturing and production facilities which are capable of large roll outs. Visit the group to find out more.

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