Disaster & Relief Solutions

Natural disasters strike without warning and it pays to be prepared for the same. Apart from causing death and destruction, natural disasters displace large swathes of human population. Where do these people go and how will they be housed?

With over 150 years of management experience in the construction industry, Eco Modular Living has created a solution for relief housing to meet whatever criteria the end user needs. Our system meets NHBC, Premier Guarantee, Code 4/5, DDA and Decent Homes criteria and with our flexible building methodology the internal specification can be specific to your needs to create, robust and durable structures with the balance of providing harmonious homes in times of need. With our controlled building environments we can work to timescale targets to meet your project objectives.

  • Fully compliant with the current British Building Regulations. Certificate supplied by Approved Inspectors Butler & Young.

  • Fully compliant with Life Time Homes (guidance for designing for elderly, total compliance gains points in CASH evaluation).

  • In line with the guidance of the DDA.

  • Code 4/5 rating under the Code for Sustainable Homes (criteria relating to aspects of sustainable design, from insulation to material resources to water treatment et. Divided into 7 categories). Note that in terms of energy usage, a Code 4 rating is a 70% improvement on the minimum requirement form the British Building Regulations.

  • Solutions that count in times of crisis...

    Critical response

    We are specialists at working with unplanned events, that's what we do. Rest assured we will deliver a solution to match your requirement and fast.


    We manufacture the most advanced and integrated modular building system on the market today with high volume manufacturing capability.

    International rescue

    We can ship accommodation anywhere in the world. Earthquake and flood plain proof accommodation delivered to families fast.

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