About Eco Modular Living...

Eco Modular Living is fanatical about the spaces we spend our lives in. Whether it is a home, holiday lodge, office or student/workers accommodation, Eco Modular Living are the living space designers with an eco conscience, who are passionate about getting it right for you and the environment.

With over a 150 years of management experience in the construction industry, Eco Modular Living creates stylish contemporary living and work spaces that are individual to the market place.

Our building system meets building regulations and can comply with code 4/5 of the Code for Sustainable Homes. The flexibility of the build system allows Eco Modular Living to provide a diverse range of living and work spaces both single and multi storey up to 5 levels.


From work, rest to play, our living spaces can be designed for first time buyers, student accommodation, apartments, hotels, homes, holiday lodges, offices, hospitals, schools but to name a few. Our building system results in a product of greater structural quality with credentials to sustain natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes.

We are living space designers with an eco conscience...

Our building solutions can be erected on most ground conditions and designed for flood plains. Eco Modular Living can provide sustainable living spaces for any use and can deliver worldwide.

Eco Modular Living is the first in the industry to recycle existing buildings to create stylish Lodges and homes. Buildings formerly used as classrooms or office space are acquired by Eco Modular Living and transformed into sleek, understated yet stylish living spaces. By re-using the basic components of a building, such as the floor, roof and steel structure, the carbon emissions and energy use during construction can be dramatically reduced.


Eco Modular's building methodology is 50% faster than traditional brick built methods. This means You could have your building delivered to you within as little as 6-8 weeks. Our specialist building method in controlled environments results in projects being delivered on time and to budget.


Choosing Eco Modular can save you up to 70% on building costs! Our controlled method and building environment, means less labour costs, less on site disruption issues and we build regardless of the weather offering a full turnkey solution.


With a proven track record and over 150 years experience, Eco Modular Living provide living solutions that are environmentally friendly, Sustainable, Mortgagable and Insurable.